For the Program

“My wife was given the program when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
We studied its content closely, and I found the references to caregiving extremely helpful.
Later, when I was diagnosed, we reviewed the program again and used the guide regularly.
We both praise the program for helping us stay resolute and calm during that dark and uncertain time in our lives.”

Alasdair Cook

Caregiver & Prostate Cancer Survivor


“The guidebook is wonderful, helpful, insightful and inspiring!
I even suggest reading it more than once so you can digest all the wisdom it contains.
A 5+ out of 5!”


Breast Cancer Survivor


“This program empowered me to think, focus, learn and answer questions about my own cancer journey.
Its review section explains everything I need to know as I make my own climb back.
It has given me the hope and commitment to focus on healing rather than fighting.”

Pauline Nasambu Barasa

Breast Cancer Survivor


“Definitely a 5/5 rating.”

Robert Hamilton

Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor


“Raw, real and hopeful. The guidebook helps you plan your way out of the darkness.
It was the most amazing gift on my journey because it challenged me to speak and read of fears and move past them.
I absolutely loved it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Nicole Neill

Breast Cancer Survivor


“The program’s guidebook is remarkable.
It is amazingly comprehensive but equally concise, clear and well written.
I would recommend it to anyone facing the medical mountain that is cancer.”

Sylvia Huber, RN, MN

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“This program provides patients with a wonderful framework of support through cancer treatment and recovery.
I will indeed be making my patients aware of the program because I am confident it will
not only provide effective guidance but will resonate deeply as well.”

Dr. Carla Montgomery, MD

Breast Cancer Supportive Care

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“I definitely recommend the program’s guidebook to every single cancer patient out there.”

Tamara Lindsay

Breast Cancer Survivor

British Columbia, Canada


“A vital tool with the power to favorably improve your chances of recovery.”

Patrick Herzog

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Survivor

British Columbia, Canada


“Harnesses strengths into real healing power.”

Dr. Bard Coats, MD/MBA

Market President, DaVita Healthcare Partners

Nevada, Las Vegas


“Study this program carefully. There is a lot of wisdom in it.”

Jane Morrison


Kelowna, Canada


“A must-read, how-to survival manual.”

Harry E. Rhoads, Jr.

4-Time Melanoma Survivor

Alexandria, VA


“Embrace the program, take the lessons and you too will be empowered.”

Rita Dillabough, RN, Oncology

Foothills Medical Centre

Calgary, Canada


“This program should be standard in all cancer treatment.”

Dr. Beth DuPree, MD 

Breast Cancer Surgeon, Integrative & Holistic Medicine Specialist, Northern Arizona Healthcare

Sedona, AZ


“Sure to help you optimize your well-being and take control of your life.”

Dr. Linda Carlson, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist & Oncology Specialist, Cumming School of Medicine University of Calgary

Calgary, Canada 

“Informs and inspires you.”

Carolyn Thompson

Leukemia Survivor

Sioux Falls, SD

“One of the most important healing tools you could have.”

Mark Sloan, B.S.W., R.S.W.

Registered Social Worker, Margery E. Yuill Cancer Centre

Medicine Hat, Canada


“A practical step-by-step guide to help anyone facing cancer.”

Dr. Man-Chiu Poon, MD

Hematologist/Oncologist, Cumming School of Medicine University of Calgary

Calgary, Canada


“An amazing gift and an exceptional tool.”

Lynn Cooper, RN

Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley

Canmore, Canada


“Combines a rich wealth of research, experience, tips and tools.”

Phoebe Dey

Editor, Leap magazine (part of the Province of Alberta’s cancer-free movement)

Edmonton, Canada


“Shines a light and eases the way for those living with cancer.”

Patti Morris

Executive-Director at Wellspring Calgary

Calgary, Canada


“An incredible step-by-step guide.”

Kaillie Wald

Practicum Social Worker, Margery E. Yuill Cancer Centre

Medicine Hat, Canada

For the book “Climb Back from Cancer”

“Chicken Soup for the Soul’ – with wings! This book will take you to new heights.”
Jack Canfield, Co-Author

“Chicken Soup for the Soul”


“An impressive illustration of the power of the mind and the magic of combined commitment.”
Dr. Carl Simonton, Author

“The Healing Journey” and “Getting Well Again”

“Proof that 1 + 1 actually equals 4.”
Greg Anderson, Author

“Cancer  ̶  50 Essential Things to Do” “The 22 (Non-negotiable) Laws of Wellness”
“The Cancer Conqueror” and “The Triumphant Patient”

“Mandatory reading for anyone going through treatment.”
Dave Slowski

Saskatoon, Canada

“Magnificent. Enormously important writing.”
Maurice O’Callaghan, Caregiver

Windsor, Canada

For the book“One Step Beyond”

“Absolutely gripping.”

“Seamless inspirational prose.”

“Nothing beats the power of personal experience.”

“A brilliant blend of adventure, philosophy and inspiration.”

“One of the best motivational books I have ever read.”